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Performer of innovative design,
efficiency and safety


Our world speed
record holder


The simplified,
fixed gear alternative

Side-by-side 2-seat ultralight airplane

A side-by-side 2-seat ultralight airplane with a wide cabin (123 cm) for pilot and passenger comfort, both enjoying a panoramic view from the 3 m2 motorized canopy, surrounded by gorgeous leather interior with Bose noise cancelling comfort headsets.


The choice of avionics for Risen mirrors its philosophy: excellence without compromise.

The glass cockpit Dynon combines two 10” touch screens with one 7” central display.
Additionally, a 2-axis autopilot and a computer for flap control are standard.


Exceptional safety for pilot and passenger is an integral part of Risen’s design philosophy. To this purpose, Risen features a ballistic parachute, anti-explosion and anti-fire fuel tanks, as well as inertial-reel seat and shoulder belts that can be locked for flight through turbulence. For additional protection, the cabin is surrounded by strong carbon reinforcement.


Risen is powered by the reliable Rotax 912 ULS engine.

AEROTECH has also developed a custom propeller which generates the optimal airflow around Risen’s fuselage and enables it to maintain an amazing continuous speed of 315 km/h.

Efficiency and Aerodynamic

Risen has been designed using tools and expertise generally found only in large aeronautical industries. Advanced fluid dynamics, in particular, is the secret behind Risen’s outstanding flight characteristics.

Every detail as well as the overall shape of the aircraft were meticulously studied and optimized. The synergy of these optimizations resulted in an aircraft of spectacular efficiency, for example, with a glide ratio of 1:23 and speeds unheard of in any aircraft powered by the Rotax 912 engine. Careful design of all aerodynamic aspects assure reliable and desirable behaviour throughout its exceptionally large flight envelope.

The meticulous attention to aerodynamic details behind Risen’s design is evident also from the choice of propeller: when propellers available on the market were found not to be optimal, SEA’s engineers developed a propeller design of their own which unlocked the full potential of this aircraft. At the low end of Risen’s speed envelope, generously dimensioned flaps give it a very low stall speed.

Aircraft model

Risen is an exceptional performer of innovative design, with unparalleled efficiency and safety, luxury interior, and top level avionics.

Available with the Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp), 912 iS (100hp turbo) and 914 Turbo (115 hp).

Rotax 912 UL Rotax 914 Turbo Rotax 914 Turbo
Empty weight 297 kilogram (depending on config)
Max. take-off weight 600 kilogram
Rotax 912 UL Rotax 914 Turbo Rotax 914 Turbo
Wing span & area 9.00 metres / 9.7 m²
Wing span 6.80 metres
Height 1.7 m fuselage / 2.1 m tail
Cabin width 1.23 metres
Rotax 912 UL Rotax 914 Turbo Rotax 914 Turbo
Max climb rate 7.5 m/s 8.0 m/s 8.5 m/s
Stall speed with flaps 55 km/h
Engine output 100 hp 100 hp 115 hp
Best climb speed 160 km/h
Long range cruise speed 190 km/h*
Cruise speed (75%) 290 km/h* 295 km/h* 300 km/h | 325 km/h*
Guaranteed max horizontal speed 315 km/h* 320 km/h* 340 km/h | 330 km/h*
Never exceed speed (vne) 340 km/h
Design Speed for Maximum Gust 284 km/h
Range / consumption at
max g. horizontal speed
21.5 l/h -1,064 km 25 l/h -944 km 21.5 l/h -1,064 km
Range / consumption at
cruise speed (75%)
17 l/h - 1,288 km 17 l/h - 1,288 km 20 l/h -1,110 km
Range / consumption at
long range cruise speed
2045 km
7.5 l/h
2557 km
6.0 l/h
1678 km
9 l/h
Max. load factor +5.0 g / -3.3 g
Fuel tanks 2x 43 litres, can be extended up to 2x 100
Best glide ratio 1 : 23
(**) at FL90 | (*) at sea level

Quarter Around
the World Challenge

The fastest ultralight in the world. 5 countries, 3 continents, 11,205 kilometer.

Imagine flying over the turquoise water of the Mediterranean, volcanos on the Atlantic islands, the forests of Brazil and passing by at the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain of Rio!

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Vacant positions for experienced professionals:

  • Composite Lamination
  • Final assembly and system integration
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